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You will find so all or almost on the film Crouching tiger hidden dragon on screen this Christmas (December 8th, 2000 (NY); December 15th, 2000 (LA); January 12th, 2001 (expands to 300 theaters) news and new photos come to complete the site every week! And if you do not still know this masterpiece I leave Ang Lee the director you give himself the vision of his film:

" My team and I chose the most populist kind(genre), otherwise the most popular, the history of the cinema: the film of martial arts of Hong-Kong, to tell this history. We used it as instrumental a way, to investigate the traditional cultural inheritance of China. We reinvested it and married to the highest, the most secret shape of art: the martial arts which taoïstes high schools of initiation into the fight and on second thought pass on of generation in generation. "

Ang Lee, CTHD director

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05/09/2002: New sections, novel and production facts .

01/05/2002:A new screensaver is available!

01/01/2002:Happy New Year, and best wishes.

11/01/2001: At least the different covers of the movie are available: DVD zone 2, videotape, DVD zone 1.

09/10/2001: A must see! Now you can admire the CTHD action figure!!!

09/09/2001: Wow! Soon I'll have nothing to put in my site! In fact the weapons section is now open thanks to the help of Andrew Mah...hehehe

09/03/2001: Big update: All about the TV serie, movie script and some infos about CTHD 2... :-)

08/18/2001: A new screensaver is available at the download section.

07/29/2001: News: FLYING DRAGON, LEAPING TIGER is now on screen in China. More info in the news section.

07/22/2001: Here an Interview of Ang Lee about the film.

06/23/2001: Ziyi at the MTV Movie Award for the best fighting scene in CTHD.

06/21/2001: All the photos of the Oscars and about the different meetings are here!!! (1 2 3)

06/15/2001: Two covers of magazine in honor to the CTHD DVD here (1-2).

06/04/2001: The DVD CTHD is now available!!! To buy it go to the store section!

04/17/2001: A new section has open and now download winampskin!

04/07/2001: 2 new photos gallery!!

04/04/2001: Ang Lee was on Canalchat this night from 9 pm to 10 pm. And you know what? He will visit my site! All the détails of the chat here.

03/25/2001: CTHD have won 4 Oscars!!! Best costumes, best OST, best movie abroad movie and of course best director for my idol Ang Lee;o)

12/02/2001: Big update, the press conference and premiere section are finished. The DVD is now available (only in Asia ;-)

13/01/2001: Costume area is available.

2001: Happy New Year!!! New design and soon new areas!!! (costumes, press...)

22/12/2000: React in the forum about the nomination of the movie "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" at the Oscar.

12/12/2000: Lots of news about the film!

09/12/2000: A new photo gallery about the making of.

01/12/2000: The english version is soon finish, after lots an lots of hard work!!!

24/11/2000: A new column with fact its appearance with all that you should know about this film, the column downloading was updated with new videos and an English version of the site is in preparation.

19/11/2000:Nouveau design of the border shared by the simpler and more ergonomic site to be used.

09/11/2000: The site has his 1000 ème guest!

25/10/2000: The links in the column O.S.T were to correct.

21/10/2000: 2 new columns appeared!!! One on the various posters of the film and the other one on news about the film. And also a new screensaver to be downloaded.

18 / 10 / 2000:I picked up you 4 beautifull wallpapers that you can find in the photos.

13/10/2000: The site is almost finished! You will find now full of announcements and teasers to download, the making-of... Finally full of interesting things which you find by visiting site.

11/10/2000: I have to work as a madman yesterday to be able to present you a site as high as the film and here is it nearly admires more than some touches and you will see finally this site under its true day.

10/10/2000: New ergonomics (thank you nico!) and the columns fill bit by bit.

7/10/2000: On-line publishing of the site

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