Here you can download the complete O.S.T of "Crouching tiger Hidden dragon" there on mp3 subject to possessing the original, good on;-) You can buy the original CD at the Store section.

The O.S.T is the work of Tan Dun of which it is the 3-rd album. Note that this album is essentially instrumental (except the main song of the movie interpret by Coco lee in English and mandarin). Plaintive ropes in portamento and coincidental percussions dominate an orchestration centred on the Asian traditional instruments. There where one could expect an epic music, the composer chooses to fade behind the stage setting. The album is all the same pleasant to the listening and allows to forget the daily stress.

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01 A Love Before Time (Mandarin version) - Lyrics

02 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

03 The Eternal Vow

04 A Wedding Interrupted

05 Night Fight

06 Silk Road

07 To The South

08 Trought The Bamboo Forest

09 The Encounter

10 Desert Capriccio

11 In The Old Temple

12 Yearning Of The Sword

13 Sorrow

14 Farewell

15 A Love Before Time (english version) - Lyrics