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A Portrait of Ang Lee's Epic Film (U.S.)

A book with some photos. A must for a fan.

Reprinted Novels based on film (Taiwan)

US$ 6

Based on the film and mixed the original novels written by Wang Du Lu. The ending is different from the film. If you don't want to know the end, don't read the next paragraph.

Shu Lien and Li get together and Jen spend one night with Lo. Jen becomes a traveller and never sees Lo again...

Official Photo Book (Taiwan)

US $ 15

Photo book with many marvelous and well prinited photos. Also some stories and introdution about CTHD.

Script Book with photos (Taiwan)

The scipt book with photos. Some desciption makes me enjoy the movie much more. There is Ang Lee's autograph in it with some recommandation.


The DVD version has many different editions in Asia. If you wanna know the difference between Hong Kong edition and Taiwan edition, please click here. (soon available)

CTHD DVD (North America)
CTHD DVD (France)
Original Soundtrack (France)
Original Soundtrack (Taïwan)
Original Soundtrack (U.S.)

Original Soundtrack (Japan)

It's interesting that Japan edition has 16 songs whereas all the others has 15. It seems that the 16th song is not related to the film...Strange,no?

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