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Chinese straight sword
Typical length: 38" to 40". (blade and handle)
Use: mostly stabbing, and slicing
Description: double-edged straight sword with a thin steel blade. Most common type found right now are the long chuan swords (long dragon swords. long = dragon, chuan = long). The design of the Green Destiny is in the shape of the long chuan swords. The straight sword is considered an elegant weapon and elite weapon. Historically, only the elite used this weapon. Also, fables often associate these swords with mystical powers. Two-handed straight swords available. Same uses except technique is different. Double straight swords are also available.

Broadsword aka sabre, machete
Typical length: 33", 34"
Use: mostly chopping
Description: single-edged, flat/thin, wide blade, curved. This weapon is one of the most flexible weapons and is meant to cut only. The armies switched to this weapon rather than the straight swords because of the reduce in cost in manufacturing. The Chinese army in the 1900s used a variation of the broadsword used in CTHD. Double broadswords are also available.
Typical length: 6 feet - 7 feet
Use: spearing/poking, swinging/hitting
Description: traditional chinese spears are quite flexible which is the difficulty in defending spear attacks. The flex makes it harder to determine the time of impact and the amount of force. The spearhead may vary and some spears may have two spearheads: one on each end.
Hook swords
Typical length: 33" - 38"
Use: swipes, slashing, hooking, trapping (defensive)
Description: the hooks allow the user to trap weapons. The grip is surrounded by a curved blade allowing them to use all of the weapon to attack while other traditional weapons have limited range of attack. Typically used as a pair.
Iron rod
Typical length: 30" to 40" (?)
Use: bludgeoning
Description: not a classical martial arts weapon but used in CTHD. The technique that Shu Lien used was basically similar to a two-handed straight sword. Not much information is available on this weapon.
Deer horns
Typical length: around 13"
Use: slashing, cutting, stabbing, trapping (defensive)
Description: similar to the handle section of the hook sword. The weapon is held one in both hands and can be pushed towards the enemy to cut, or moved back and forth horizontally to slash, or stab. The two "horns" can be used to stab or slash or trap.
Cane sword
Typical length: around 34"
Use: bludgeoning (cane), stabbing/slicing (sword)
Description: a cane that can be used as a weapon and also conceals a straight sword
Monk spade
Typical length: 73"
Use: bludgeoning, cutting, slashing, stabbing
Description: a large weapon with a crescent shaped blade on one end like the horns on the deer horn, and a large spade shaped knife on the other end. The weight of the weapon itself makes it ideal for bludgeoning enemies or destroying their weapons.
Typical length: 28"
Use: bludgeoning/crushing
Description: these are the rattle-shaped weapons seen in the restaurant scene in CTHD. They are heavy and meant to crush the enemy with brute force.
Steel fan
Typical length: 13" (opened)
Use: slicing/cutting (open), stabbing (closed)
Description: this weapon can be concealed as well. Techniques include running the fan's edge along your opponent to cut, or closing it and using the points to stab.
Long Handle Horse Chopping Knife
Typical length: 74"
Use: chopping
Description: basically a broadsword on a shorter staff. Techniques are much different though. This weapon was used by Bo during the night fight in CTHD.

Tassel/sash (not a weapon, but an accessory)
Description: the red (or yellow, or white, or many other colors) thing attached to most weapons (e.g. straight swords, broadswords, spears). The point of the color attached to the weapon is to distract your opponent. The color is attached slightly behind the weapon's range. In the heat of battle, the opponent will notice the color FIRST before the attacking object (e.g. blade) making it harder for them to dodge.

There's also the BELT sash which is like the karate belt. It's another type of sash

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