Costume Display The costume display was held as part of the promotion for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. It mainly featured costumes worn by the female leads with only one costume worn by Chow Yun-Fat. Although the costumes looked authentic, but I wonder if they were truly worn by the actors and actresses. You be the judge.

The costumes were displayed at a shopping mall and the atrium was decked with Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon wall scrolls. What a sight to behold. Zhang Zi Yi looks really spooky in her Manchurian garb (doesn't she remind you of Queen Amidala in some way?)! Here is the costume list (click on the link to have a picture with a description):

1-Ninja costume (Jen)

2-Civil (Yu Shu Lien)

3-Civil (Yu Shu Lien)

4-Civil (Jen)

5-Civil (Madame Yu)

6-Civil (Li Mu Baï)