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09/10/01: CTHD action figure!!!

We waited for them and they did it!!! In fact after the succes of the movie CTHD, a toymaker decided to create figurines with the main characters of the movie (jen, li mu baï, shu lien et lo). The results is pretty good! When can easily recognize each character! But they will available only for christmas 2001...

More pics here

CTHD TV serie

Now a section about the Tv serie is open!

09/03/01: CTHD 2

Michelle Yeoh a confirmé début juillet qu'Ang Lee projette de tourner un Tigre et dragon 2 qui serait une préquelle du premier volet (c'est à la mode!). Mais pour le moment, le projet semble bloqué pour des raisons de planning. "Pour l'instant, tout le monde semble avoir du travail par dessus la tête, mais j'ai entendu dire qu'Ang Lee avait mis la main sur 2 scénaristes et qu'ils étaient actuellement en travailler sur le script", a expliqué Michelle Yeoh.


A TV serie inspire of the movie is now on HK screen. What is the link with the movie? Who are the actors? All will be on the site very soon! (photos, interview, story...)

MTV Movie Award 2001:

Ziyi won the award for the best fighting scene for CTHD, in the restaurant.
More photos here.


After the sucess of the movie and his 11 nominations at the Oscars, CTHD will be a game in different console! The taiwanaise society Vista Group think about develop the game on PlayStation 2, Xbox, Gamecube, Dreamcast et PC. A cartoon will also be out this year. The PC version will be the first (winter 2001) whereas for the others wait for 2002.


All the photos of the Oscars and about the different meetings are here!!! (1 2 3)


The DVD and the video of CTHD will be available across the USA at this date.


4 Oscars won by CTHD, now all the photos of the ceremony here.

Dragon and Tiger

Samo Hung (The cop of Shnagai) actually make a TV show in the noth of China named FLYING DRAGON, LEAPING TIGER (in relationship with CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON "TIGRE & DRAGON") with Jade Leung (Black Cat) and Cheng Pei Pei (Jade Fox of CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON ).

January 2001

You can buy this masterpiece at the Store.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: A Portrait of Ang Lee's Epic Film by Ang Lee (Editor), Linda Sunshine (Editor), James Schamus (Introduction), Richard Corliss, David Bordwell

(January 2001) Editorial Reviews

Book Description: To coincide with the Sony Pictures Classics release--this elegantly illustrated moviebook captures the beauty, spirit, and extraordinary talents behind what TimeAsia heralded as an "instant classic...a rule-bending master-piece that weds martial arts with sense and sensibility." The latest film from Sense and Sensibility director is an epic love story and a thrilling action drama set against the breathtaking landscapes of ancient China, filmed entirely on location. Based on a five-volume Chinese novel by Wang Du Lu, the project was scripted by Wang Hui Ling (Eat Drink Man Woman), James Schamus (The Ice Storm), and Tsai Kuo Jung. Marking Ang Lee's first Chinese-language feature since 1994, the film is punctuated by beautifully choreographed fight scenes and dazzling stunts masterminded by Yuen Wo-Ping, who worked on The Matrix. The actors include the two most popular Asian actors in the world, Chow Yun Fat (Anna and the King, The Replacement Killers) and Michelle Yeoh (Supercop, Tomorrow Never Dies). The Newmarket book includes the screenplay, stunning full-color photographs before and behind the cameras, interviews and notes with filmmakers, features on the history and tradition of martial arts storytelling and filmmaking, and articles by Time's Richard Corliss and world renowned film scholar David Bordwell

. "A breathtaking epic love story set in mythical China, where saber wielding Taoist masters--most of them women--save the day."--Lee Yanowitch,Reuters

"A sweeping romantic epic with a strong feminist backbone [with] a generous offering of seriously kick-ass action sequences that make The Matrix seem downright quaint by comparison."--Michael Rechtshaften, Hollywood Reporter

[The film is] "a blending, not a collision, of Eastern physical grace and Western intensity of performance, of Hong Kong kung fu directness and British attention to behavioral nuance."--Richard Corliss,

TimeAsia cover story (7/10/00) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is produced by Sony Pictures Classics, Good Machine International, and Columbia Pictures Film Production Asia.

About the Author: Ang Lee's other films as director/producer include Ride with the Devil, The Ice Storm, Sense and Sensibility, Eat Drink Man Woman, The Wedding Banquet, and Pushing Hands. Born in Taiwan in 1954, he moved to the US in 1978 and lives in the New York area.



According to an article, it is Ang Lee himself who intends to realize two new "episodes" of "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon". An episode being situated before (as episode I for starwars...) the film which we know, is a continuation. Because indeed the current film corresponds only to the fourth part(on 5!!!!) of the novel... Then patience everybody of all way as soon as it confirms you'll fing all on the site. (Thanks to MasterLiMuBa)


TORONTO - Ang Lee's ``Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon'' was the filmgoers' pick at the 25th annual Toronto Intl. Film Festival, winning the People's Choice Award, presented at the festival wrap lunch Sunday. ``Crouching Tiger'' will open in the U.S. on Dec. 8 via Sony Picture Classics, and in Canada Dec. 22 via local distributor Blackwatch. Second prize went to the Australian film ``The Dish,'' a quirky behind-the-scenes take on the broadcast of the first footsteps on the moon, directed by Rob Sitch. The picture will open Down Under on Oct. 19. The film has not yet been picked up for distribution elsewhere, said producer Michael Hirsh. Paul Cox's ``Innocence,'' another Australian film, and Stephen Daldry's ``Billy Elliot,'' from the U.K., tied for third place. The Fipresci award, selected by a panel of international journalists, went to gangster tale ``Bangkok Dangerous,'' a film from Thailand directed by twin brothers Oxide and Danny Pang. ``George Washington,'' David Gordon Green's look at life in the American Deep South, tied for the Discovery Award with Baltasar Kormakur's ``101 Reykjavik,'' an Iceland/Norway/Denmark/France co-production about sexual confusion and youth culture in Iceland. ``The Day I Became a Woman,'' an Iranian film from Marziyeh Meshkini, and ``The Iron Ladies,'' a Thai film about a championship volleyball team comprised mostly of transsexuals and transvestites, directed by Yongoon Thongkonthun, tied for second place. Gary Burns' ``Waydowntown'' received the City Award for best Canadian feature film, with honorable mention going to Karen Walton's ``Ginger Snaps'' and Denis Villeneuve's ``Maelstrom,'' which opened the Perspective Canada program. Kudos for the best first feature from a Canuck director went to Philippe Falardeau for ``La moitie gauche du Frigo,'' with Anthony Coutre's ``Red Deer'' receiving honorable mention. The award for best Canadian short film went to Michele Cournoyer's ``Le Chapeau,'' with honorable mention for Keith Behrman's ``Ernest.''



NEW YORK - The North American premiere of Ang Lee's ``Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,'' starring Chow Yun-Fat and Michelle Yeoh , will close the 38th New York Film Festival. Lee (''The Ice Storm,'' ``Sense and Sensibility'') will attend the Oct. 9 screening along with his two stars, who portray two of ancient China's greatest warriors, each harboring a secret love for the other. The picture will be released wide by Sony Pictures Classics this winter. The 38th New York Film Festival, organized by the Film Society of Lincoln Center, begins Sept. 22 at Lincoln Center's Walter Reade Theatre. Variety



It's probably that Ang Lee intends to make) a trilogy on the film " Crouchin tiger hidden dragon".



Cannes - Taiwanese director Ang Lee , left, poses on the steps of the Festival Palace with actors, Michelle Yeoh , second left, Zi Yi Zhang , second right and Chen Chang, right, after the screening of their film "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon," out of competition at the 53rd International Film Festival in Cannes, French Riviera.



Cannes - Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi poses for photographers during a photocall for his film" Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon," out of competition at the 53rd International Film Festival in Cannes, French Riviera.