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You'll discover all the means that has to use Ang Lee to realize his Film. he appealed first of all to Yuen Wo Ping who coordinated the fights of Crouchin tiger. The work with Andy and Larry Wachowski on Matrix revealed this man of complete spectacle (director, stuntman), who participated notably in It was once in Tsui Hark's ( 1994 ) China. Yuen Wo Ping realized more than thirty full-length films, as classical authors of the kind of which some people (Snake in the of shadow eagle in 1978 and Fist of legend in 1994) are considered. Ang Lee recognizes that his collaboration with Yuen Wo Ping he " made discover a shape of purified stage setting where the images and the assembly adopt danced and musical rhythms ".
Yuen Wo Ping's team used also the method of the "threads" used for a long time in the Chinese traditional films. (see photos opposite) . This allow more flexibility and more mastery in the actios scenes. Ang Lee also appeals to the team having created the special effects of Matrix for some scene of the film, like the reconstruction of Beijing of time or the digital disappearance of these famous "threads". They have also worked on the movement of the characters during the fight scene, like the battle on bamboo or the river cross.